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Hyuuga Hinata
17 December 1985
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Name :: Angel
Age :: 15
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Character Basics ;;

Name :: Hyuuga Hinata
Age :: 22
Birthday :: December 17, 1985
Occupation :: Assistant at Konoha Fashionista


Character In Depth ;;

Personality ::

Think of the most independent person you know. They're full of so much self-assurance. They're fierce and independent. Everyone want to be near them just because they hope to be as successful and talented as they are.

Now imagine the exact opposite and you have Hinata.

Hinata is not what most people would call.. outgoing. She's not fierce and she hardly ever talks unless spoken to. She has been raised to keep her head down and her voice soft. She never meets the eyes of others and shows respect to anyone and everyone.

Hinata is, what most people would call, a simple girl. She has no traits that stand out above the rest because she purposely keeps herself out of the eyes of the crowd. She avoids conflict of any kind in any way she can possibly think of.

Hinata cares a lot about what people think of her, always careful to make sure that they never think lowly of her. She's a people pleaser. She works hard to make everyone happy. Her main goal is to make sure all her friends are smiling. She never likes to see anyone hurt or upset.

Hinata will never draw attention to herself. She will never speak out of turn and never say an impolite word. She is careful of every move she makes, analyzing it to make sure it does not offend anyone. Her whole personality is based on the people around her. Every thing she does is for them and hardly anything is for herself. She has always been a self-sacrificer and will most likely remain that way for all her life.

History ::

Hyuuga Hiashi was a man of great ambitions. From the time he was a child he knew what he wanted from life and he went after it with all his power. He grew up in a family of high ranking government officials who were very valued in Japan. As he watched them and saw how they worked to better the country he knew that that was what he was born to do. To serve his country to the best of his abilities.

Hiashi already had more advantages than any of his opponents who ran challenged him for the positions he strove for. At age 25 he began to use his family's influence and his own knowledge to run for a spot in Japan's House of Representatives. He had no troubles in gaining the position he had desired, setting the course of his life.

Five years later, a year after finishing his term on the House of Representatives, he began to run for a position in the House of Councilors. He already had a large support group from his previous occupation and found that his campaign was easier than before. This was also the year he discovered his wife was pregnant with their first child. At first, Hiashi had thought of this as a setback in his career goals, but he also realized that his child could go far in life and be just as influential as he was, for he now had more more influence as an individual and no longer needed the aid of his family name. He welcomed the idea of having a child to pass his knowledge to and was also welcomed to the House of Councilors that year.

Thus, Hyuga Hinata was born into a life of power and finesse. Every step of her life had been planned before her birth and was set into action the moment she was able to open her eyes. Hinata was enrolled in the top schools in the country the minute she turned five. Every school already had her name down and welcomed the Hyuga with open arms. When Hinata was young she had liked the attention. She felt special and she was proud of her father for who he was and what he had done for her.

But as Hinata grew older with every year something became clearer and clearer to her father. She wasn't the prodigal daughter he had wanted. Hinata was a smart enough girl, but her father knew she didn't have the knowledge it would take to become a high ranking official as he had done. And Hinata didn't mind that fact about herself. In fact, she thought it a miracle that she would never be as brilliant as her father and most likely never make it into politics. From watching her father she had learned at a young age just how stressful the life of a politician could be and knew that that was something she did not want. But she also noted how her father treated her from then on, especially since he had a second daughter to put his faith in.

Hinata was not forgotten entirely by her family. While they had given up on trying to push their first-born into a life of politics and power her parents still made sure to keep her as much a part of the family as she could if only to keep up public appearances. By now her father had finished his term on the House of Councilors and was aiming for the position of Minister of Defense. A happy household would certainly earn him more points.

But Hinata was far from happy in her life. She had become somewhat of a doll in her family. Meant to be seen not heard. Her family had lost all faith in her for the future. She felt like she had no path in life anymore because she had been raised to believe she would be a politician one day. But now that that goal was nothing more than a dream she knew she had to make something of herself, and she had to do it alone. Her family had given up on her and the only way she would ever amount to anything now was if she set her own course in life. The only thing to do now was to figure out what that course would be and how she would obtain it.

At age 9 Hinata lost her mother. She had been hit by a drunk driver coming home one night from work. Hinata had been devastated by the loss of her mother, but Hiashi seemed to not notice her absence as much. He was always strong and never talked about the matter of losing his wife. Hinata decided to take after her father in this way and she ignored the pain of losing her mother. Instead she turned it into the driving force in her life. She would make her mother proud

Hinata was still enrolled in the top schools in the country and had not been taken out of them, so she continued to keep up with her education and earn the best grades she could. They still weren't good enough for her father, but she was proud of them and they would certainly be good enough for other high professions.

At age 13 Hinata was up late working on a history assignment. She was studying the different trends that had gone through Japan and other countries throughout history and it was hard to ignore the main trend that changed more than any other, fashion. Hinata was suprised by all the different fashion trends she saw and she began to become more and more interested in them. After that project she began to study fashion more and more. She knew the different trends that went through Japan in and out and was always aware of what was in and what was out each season. She had never once considered wearing any of the clothing, but she couldn't stop looking at it. It was then that she knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to go into fashion. Not to design the clothes herself but to comment on them. And not only clothes, but everything else that had to do with fashion as well.

When Hinata's father found out about her goals for life, to became a fashion journalist, he was outraged. Of all the things for his daughter to do with her life she had taken the path he hated most. The night Hinata told her father he had yelled at her a lot. He told her she was throwing her life away and that the fashion world would be meaningless and useless, but Hinata would not back down. For some reason or another this was what she wanted from her life. When her father finally stopped yelling at her he decided that if his daughter was going to throw her life away she would do it where he wouldn't have to watch. He made her move out of their home. He still helped to support her financially, for she was still his daughter and he still loved her, but he no longer talked to her and barely noted her existence.

Hinata was upset by the loss of her father and knew that there was no turning back in her life now. She had nowhere left to go but forward. She took an internship at Konoha Fashionistas and worked as hard as she could. It wasn't long until she earned a more permanent spot on amongst the staff as Naruto's assistant. She still works for Naruto Uzamaki and tries her hardest at every task he gives her.

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